Refund and Returns Policy


This warranty is provided by Eftermontering Norge AS to purchasers of OBDeleven hardware (“you”) through Hardware devices provided by retailer (“hardware”) are warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship under normal use (a) for new hardware, one (1) year from the date of purchase by the original end user purchaser, and (b) for refurbished hardware, ninety (90) days after the date the refurbished hardware is shipped by retailer to you or the remainder of the new hardware warranty period, whichever is longer (as applicable, the “warranty period”). Within the Warranty Period, retailer will, at its sole option, and as retailers sole liability and your exclusive remedy, (a) repair the hardware with new or refurbished parts, (b) replace the hardware with reasonably available equivalent new or refurbished hardware, or (c) refund the actual purchase price of the hardware less any rebates and discounts. Such repairs or replacement will be made at no charge to you for parts or labor, provided that you shall be responsible for the shipping and handling costs for your returns as described below. All hardware and parts that are replaced become the property of retailer.

This warranty extends only to hardware purchased from Eftermontering Norge AS. This warranty does not apply to: (i) cosmetic damage, such as scratches, nicks and dents; (ii) consumable parts, such as batteries, unless hardware damage has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship of the hardware; (iii) damage caused by abnormal physical or electrical stress, negligence, accident, abuse, misuse, water, flood, fire, or other acts of nature or external causes; (iv) damage caused by service or repair performed by anyone who is not an authorized service provider; (v) damage to hardware that has been modified or altered without the written permission of retailer; (vi) hardware that has not been installed, operated, or maintained in accordance with instructions supplied by retailer and the Terms of use, or (vii) hardware that was supplied or licensed for beta, evaluation, testing or demonstration purposes for which retailer does not charge a purchase price or license fee. In addition, retailer reserves the right to refuse warranty claims for hardware that is obtained and/or used in contravention of the laws of any country.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, all software and services provided by retailer with the hardware, whether factory loaded on the hardware or otherwise downloadable, is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. Without limiting the foregoing, retailer does not warrant that the operation of the Hardware, Software or Service (as those terms are defined in the Terms of use will be uninterrupted or error free, or that use of the Hardware, Software or Services will result in any gas savings or efficiencies. Also, retailer does not warrant that the Hardware, Software or Service, or any equipment, system or network on which the Hardware, Software or Service are used will be free of vulnerability to intrusion or attack.

This warranty does not guarantee any continued availability of any third party’s service on which the Hardware’s use or operation may depend.

To the extent not prohibited by applicable law, all implied warranties and conditions of merchant ability, satisfactory quality or fitness for a particular purpose are limited to the duration of the warranty period. All other express or implied conditions, representations and warranties, including but not limited to any implied warranties of title or non-infringement, are disclaimed.

To the extent not prohibited by applicable law, in no event will retailer be liable for any lost or damaged data (including, without limitation, any data erased by retailer in connection with the repair or replacement of hardware), lost revenue or profit, loss of the ability to use any third party products, software or services, damage to the vehicle to which you connect the hardware, or for special, indirect, consequential, incidental or punitive damages, regardless of the theory of liability (including negligence), arising out of or related to the use of or inability to use the hardware, software or any services provided in respect of such hardware, software or service, even if retailer has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Retailer does not guarantee that vehicle error detection will be accurate or error-free and you should always obtain professional assistance from a vehicle specialist for regular service, as well as for diagnosis of any problems with your vehicle, and to make timely and appropriate repairs. To the extent not prohibited by applicable law, in no event will retailers liability exceed the amount paid by you for the hardware. if you live in the European union, references in this section to “special, indirect, consequential or incidental losses” shall mean any losses which (I) were not reasonably foreseeable by both parties, and/or (II) were known to you but not to retailer and/or (III) were reasonably foreseeable by both parties but could have been prevented by you, including without limitation losses caused by viruses, trojans or other malicious programs, or loss of or damage to your data. The foregoing limitations will apply even if any warranty or remedy provided under this warranty fails of its essential purpose.

According to the Distance Contracts Act (2005:59), we are responsible for the delivery all the way to you. If you have chosen a transport service where your order is left outside the door or in your mailbox, you are responsible for the package yourself from the moment the carrier/driver has left the package. If you, for some reason cannot accept delivery to your mailbox, please contact us prior to your order. 

No retailer employee, agent or reseller is authorized to make any verbal or written modification, extension or addition to this warranty, and retailer expressly disclaims any such change to this warranty. If any portion of this warranty is found to be void or unenforceable, its remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.


By ordering on buyer is accepting the exemption from the right of return (angrerett) according to «§ 22. Unntak fra angreretten» due to the included software and that the benefits of OBDeleven cannot be returned once order have been delivered.

Returns need to follow the below steps to ensure a smooth experience.

1.1. Email customer service at your retailer with the full description of the issue/s that you’re experiencing and allow us the opportunity to resolve your issue/s through our support process.

1.2. If your issue/s can’t be resolved, use the form found here to contact us, in your email include requesting a product replacement and provide your order number, name, contact number, quantity and the reason for replacement.

1.3. If you are sending a product back to your retailer/us, we recommend sending it back by registered post with a tracking number. Products returned are sent at your own cost and risk. All products being returned should match the conditions outlined in the policy and please include all supplied packaging with the product/s being returned.

1.4. Once retailer receives the product and verifies the issue/s you described, retailer will:
(a) If retailer deems the product to be faulty, the product will be replaced or your purchase refunded. Shipping charges for the replacement product sent to you will be covered by retailer.
(b) If retailer deems the product not to be faulty, we will attempt to resolve the issue/s and the product will be returned to you and shipping charges for the replacement sent to you will be covered by you.

1.5. If a refund is to be paid back to you and you purchased your product directly from the website, it will be processed as a refund on the credit card or account which was used to purchase. If you purchased the Product from a retailer, your refund will need to be processed by them. The refund amount will be based on the advertised price that you paid for the faulty Product at the time of purchase, not including transaction fees, exchange fees or any other costs.

1.6. If you fail to obtain written authorisation from retailer to return a product prior to sending it back, retailer may not process your request. The product will be returned to you and the freight and handling charges (to you) will be covered by you.

1.7. Please note that returns will only be accepted if the request meets all necessary criteria as requested and disclosed to retailers customer service and complies with our Returns Policy.

Return Fees

To cover the cost of providing returns and replacements and due to the nature of the product, we may charge you a fee:

 Category Fee Description
 Unbroken seal Shipping cost Product is unused, not opened and fit to be resold or the unit is faulty
 Seal broken No refund Product seal have been broken or show wear and tear, not fit to be resold

For consumers who are covered by consumer protection laws or regulations in their country of purchase or, if different, their country of residence, the benefits conferred by this warranty are in addition to all rights and remedies conveyed by such consumer protection laws and regulations. Some countries, states and provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or allow limitations on how long an implied warranty or condition may last, so the limitations or exclusions described below may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary by country, state or province.


To obtain warranty service, contact your retailer and you will be provided instructions on submitting your claim. You will be responsible for securely packaging the Hardware and including the requested information, such as account verification information. You are also responsible for all shipping and handling charges, in addition to any applicable customs duties, VAT or other associated taxes or charges when returning the Hardware. Hardware for which retailer cannot reproduce the claimed defect or for which your purchase cannot be verified will be rejected.

Defective hardware covered by this warranty will be repaired or replaced and returned to you without charge or if elected by retailer, the purchase price will be refunded to you. Retailer does not ship replacement hardware to locations outside the country in which the original hardware was purchased. Repairs or replacements not covered by this warranty will be subject to charge at retailers then-current rates.